Christiane Livingston

Christiane Livingston has been Nordic Walking instructor for over 8 years and her enthusiasm for Nordic Walking is renewed daily as she helps people get active, fitter and healthier and sees groups of friendship and support form.

When her long distance running days came to an end, she sought another form of exercise that would give her the pleasure of being outdoors and the buzz of her running days. Nordic Walking was a revelation and she has not looked back since. She believes that it is the most ‘sustainable’ form of exercise as it is such a gentle yet efficient way of getting fit and staying active.

In a previous life, Christiane was a Management Consultant and she worked on various projects round Europe, but was very desk bound which gave her itchy feet. She cannot believe that her office is now the rolling hills and green fields of Hampshire. As Christiane is French, you can test your conversational skills with her, an added bonus on the walks!

Christiane is also a keen tennis player and was a single handicap golfer in her youth which explains her love of being active outdoors. She has a keen interest in mindfulness and cognitive behaviour and is fascinated by the relationship between mind and body. She has observed the effect that Nordic Walking has not only on the body but also on the wellbeing of the person as a whole and this is often confirmed when people have big smiles on their faces at the end of a Nordic Walking session.